Extension Creator

This application can create boiler plate code for Joomla components, modules, and plugins. Moreover it was designed abstractly to be useful for similar problems. As a component creator for Joomla, this software has the following advantages:

Can create an editable administrator table, or front end form, from a MySql table
Existing code template files could be edited and new ones could be created based on custom requirements
The project is open source and available here on GitHub


The latest version of the windows application is available for download below.


After installing the application, the Extension Creator folder will be created in the Documents folder, and will contain the last two of the following files:
The program will work with the above files by default, and put the generated files in the Output folder. After a Joomla extension is run, an installable ZIP file will be created in the Archives folder. Get started with extension creator by creating a Joomla component.