When creating a MySQL file to be used by the BasicBackend Task or the SiteForm Task, the MySQL file should conform to the following restrictions.

  • The primary key of each table used by the program must be an integer, named "id", and set to AUTO_INCREMENT for the generated files to work correctly. See the examples for the BasicBackend or SiteForm tasks for more details.
  • All tables in the MySQL file can have primary keys based only on a single column.
  • Currently only DROP TABLE and CREATE TABLE statements from MySQL 5.7 are supported. Thus any INSERT TABLE statements in the MYSQL file will result in processing errors.
  • For CREATE TABLE statements, the following aren't supported: "partition_options", "expr", "fsp" in "TIME[(fsp)]", the second column option in "column_definition", the "spatial_type" data type, and the "UNION" keyword in "table_option".