In order to display bibliographies in Joomla articles, I've created a plugin called jBibHtml which allows authors to do just this. Using this plugin, an author can cite items from a bibtex file, and print the bibliography of citations at the end of the article. This plugin uses bibtex files as the source of citations, which are used often in the scientific community. It uses the LaTeX syntax for citations, so LaTeX users will find this plugin easy to use.

The plugin uses LaTeX like citations, as seen below, to cite articles.

Thus by the spectral theorem for compact self-adjoint operators \cite[theorem 14.3]{Bollobas1999} (see also \cite{Pedersen1989}).

The above code would produce the following:

Thus by the spectral theorem for compact self-adjoint operators [Bollobas1999, theorem 14.3] (see also [Pedersen1989]).

The citation styles could also be changed to indexes like [1] or years like [1999] by changing the Abbrv_type parameter to "index" or "year" respectively.

This plugin is activated with a statement like the following at the end of the article:


{ jbibhtml bibFile="/media/plg_jbibhtml/Math.bib" }

The line containing "jbibhtml" must be added in order for the plugin to process the article. It tells the plugin to print a bibliography containing cited articles at the location of the tag. The bibtex file also has to be uploaded to the web server, and the location should be specified as in the above code. In the above example the bibtex file "Math.bib" was uploaded to the location "\media\plg_jbibhtml".

Finally, this plugin wouldn't exist without the bibtexbrowser php library, which is used by this plugin. A demonstration of this plugin and the MathJax plugin can be found here: Trace class operators as non-commutative lp spaces. The plugin can be downloaded below, and the GitHub page can be found here.